Who's Your Kitchen God?
Who's Your Kitchen God? The kitchen god is important in classical feng shui applications. Very important. If you have friends who grew up in a traditional Chinese household, they can probably tell you a story or two about the family use of the Kitchen God.

Usually depicted on paper (you will find out soon why); the Kitchen God, or the Stove Master, is someone to be respected and feared. Why would he be feared?

And, most importantly, does the Kitchen God matter in a modern kitchen?

There are several stories about Zao Jun (the Kitchen God), that, honestly, make you wonder about the connection with the kitchen energy. Most of them have to do with the complexity of husband-wife relationship, as well as the healing energy of forgiveness and pity/compassion.

Now, either we like these Kitchen God stories or not, for some reason the Kitchen God is really important in traditional feng shui and considered to bring protection to the family.

The image of the Kitchen God usually comes in paper form and is placed on the family altar in the kitchen.

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